Date: 23-02-2019

    Posted By: mithun

    Recent Home ministies order that empowered the Assam Rifles to arrest anyone and search a place without a warrant in the border districts of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram is an outcome of a hasty and shallow thought out decision making. Do you agree?( 250 words) 15 marks

  • Subject: Security
  • Topic: Security Forces
  • Sub-Topic: Various security forces, agencies and their mandate
  • Source: The Hindu
    Introduction: Mention about the critical importance of border security and maintaining internal peace among north eastern areas. Highlight the major work done by Assam Rifles as para military wing to maintain peace and vigilantism over unruly state actors. Mention about the latest Home Ministy's order granting overarching powers to arrest anyone without warrant in certain districts. Present facts about insurgency in north east states to add value.

     Scenario build up: Mention the possible reasons that govt. passed such an order. State the impact of such an order and drastic consequences. Mention that the situation is not rife as to declare such a move. Highlight cases where armed forces too have violated their rights like in cases of AFSPA. Bring out the element of hastiness in govt's decision. Suggest the ways that govt. could instead do maintain balance between public confidence measures and strengthening armies supervision over non -state unruly actors. Ways to get public as participants in peace control and not viewed as criminals.

    Conclusion: Need to rethink on the order and suggest more proactive though out measures to maintain peace.
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