Date: 23-02-2019

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    While schemes like PM-KISAN and Rythu Bandhu are well thought out proposals for boosting farmer's income, real challenge lies in the way they are effectively implemented. Elaborate( 250 words) 15 marks

  • Subject: Social Justice
  • Topic: Vulnerable Sections of population
  • Sub-Topic: Performce of the welfare schemes
  • Source: The Hindu
    Introduction: Mention about the critical role of farming towards economy and present facts to substantiate it. State that the condition of economic situation of farmers is very poor and hence such schemes are need of the hour. Mention schemes like KALIA, Rythu Bandhu, and others. 

    Scenario build up: Mention about the well strategized focus on farmers in these schemes and suggest the ways in which such schemes will augment farmers income. Now bring out the major challenges faced during implementation of such schemes. Bring out multi dimensional challenges like identification of beneficiary, infrastructural issues, proper information to farmers, monitoring outcomes of schemes, etc. Mention examples of schemes which have failed due to improper implementation. Suggest the ways to strengthen implementation mechanisms. 

    Conclusion: Suggest a suitable way forward empasizing on monitoring implementation and using corrective feed backs to strengthen the schemes.
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