Date: 22-02-2019

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    India's decision to block its share of water of Indus Water Treaty to Pakistan is a step in the right direction. Comment( 250 words) 15 marks

  • Subject: International Relations
  • Topic: India and its neighborhood
  • Sub-Topic: Relations and issues
  • Source: The Hindu
    Introduction: Mention about Indus Water treaty and its water sharing mechanism. Mention the reason of India going for such a step.

     Scenario build up: State the impact of such a step on both India and Pakistan. Mention the necessity of measures in light of unchecked terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. Also include the practical aspects like construction of huge dams, time delay, chances of floods in Kashmir valley, etc as possible impacts to India too. State that since India is only stopping its own share of water as per treaty, its not violation of treaty. 

    Conclusion: Mention that measures such as these are necessary to persuade Pakistan to control its terrorist activities. Suggest a suitable way forward.
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