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    Critically examine the compulsions which prompted India to play a decisive role in the emergence of Bangladesh?( 150 words) 10 marks

  • Subject: Modern Indian History
  • Topic: Post-Independence
  • Sub-Topic: Consolidation and reorganization within the country
  • Source: The Hindu
    Introduction : Mention about the emergence of Bangladesh and the massive war efforts required for it. Give a background of India's partition and Radcliffe line. 

    Scenario build up: Mention the various causes of India's participation in war. Mention reasons like brutalities on Bengalee, military junta of pakistan attacking, attack by pakistan on western frontiers of India, strategic, domestic, economic and humanitarian factors, strain in Sino-Indian relations which culminated in the war of 1962, the constant influx of migrants from East Pakistan was creating various problems in the border states, hindering the development of northeastern part of the country, economic losses due to migrants, help asked by mukti vahini etc. 

    Conclusion: Conclude by stating that long term strategic interest and instigation of Pakistan ultimately brought india to war. 
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