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    What were the events that led to the Suez crisis in 1956? How did it deal a final blow to Britain's self image as a world power? (250 words) 15 marks

  • Subject: World History
  • Topic: Events from 18th century onwards
  • Sub-Topic: Colonialization and Decolonialization
  • Source: The Hindu
    Introduction: Mention the genesis of Suez crisis and its wide ranging impacts. 

    Scenario build up: Mention the causes for the suez war. Contending rivals and their aims should be mentioned. Explain the consequences of suez war and the impact it had on British empire like strain relation with USA, gave rise to anti colonial movements , relation strain with Egypt and middleeast country.

    Conclusion: Suez crisis led to a new chapter of anti colonial sentiments and established USA-USSR as the only two remaining superpowers. 
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