Date: 08-02-2019

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    Environmental sensitive agricultural production systems and overhall of dietary pattern of people is critically needed to combat malnutrition and climate change. Elaborate( 250 words) 15 marks

  • Subject: Economic Development
  • Topic: Agriculture produce and issues
  • Sub-Topic: Related constraints
  • Source: Businessline
    Introduction: Mention about the growing impact of climate change on food security. Highlight the idea of shifting from non-veg diets to more veg diets as necessary to combat climate change and ensure food sustainability. 

    Scenario build up: Highlight the huge impact that unproductive and environmental unfriendly practices have on agricultural productivity. Need for global efforts urgently needed to collectively transform diets and food production. Urgent need to shift to vegetarian diets with more fruits/vegetables consumption and reduction of red meat. Present facts, wherever possible, to add value to your answer. Suggest the ways govt and farmers, civil societies can take to address the multi dimensional issues associated. 

    Conclusion: Suggest a suitable way forward by emphasizing the need to acknowledge the gravity of danger on our food security and urgently take comprehensive steps to address them.
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