Date: 08-02-2019

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    Amidst lack of evidences towards proving efficacy of e-cigarettes , what other measures should Indian govt. take to control and prevent people from the ills of smoking?( 150 words) 10 marks

  • Subject: Social Justice
  • Topic: Social Sector
  • Sub-Topic: Services related to Health, Education and Human Resources
  • Source: The Hindu
    Introduction: Mention about the dreadful impact of smoking on health, economy and overall society. Bring out the reason for e-cigarettes coming to market. Provide facts regarding growing incidences of smoking behaviour among Indians. 

    Scenario build up: Bring out the fact that e-cigarettes could not be effective( studies failed to give conclusive evidence). Suggest the measures that govt should adopt to control smoking. Include control/curbing strategies as well as prevention methods. Need for effective public awareness, strict enforcement of rules, name and shame way, de addiction camps and their infrastructure, regulate sale, stringent control on marketing/glamorising smoking by companies etc can be part of answers

    . Conclusion: Improving health is an important part of economy and also SDG goal. Suggest suitable way forward by saying that healthy demographic dividend can be a major asset to uplift our country.
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