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Title: Heed Ambedkar's message

Issue: Democracy

Syllabus: General Studies-II - Indian Polity and Constitution - Elections, Representation of Peoples Act

Context: Democracies thrive in a society in which people various narratives are allowed to be expressed in a tolerant manner


  1. Increasingly, it has been found that political leaders are using the narrative of ‘nationalism’ to mobilize people
  2. ‘Nationalism’ that is being used by some leaders only encompasses issues which are related to collective security of the country. Other important issues such as poverty, jobs, livelihood are rarely being discussed
  3. More worrying is the fact that any individual or a group who questions the ‘nationalism’ narrative is termed as anti-national and such negative things
  4. Ambedkar’s advice: Mobilization of the people should take place on issues by way of public reasoning using constitutional means rather than appealing to the emotions of the people

Takeaway point: ‘Educate, Organize and Agitate’ should be the mantra to mobilize people rather than the present method used by some leaders who depend upon the ‘nationalism’ narrative

Keywords: Elections tolerance democracy

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