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Issue: Violation of Model Code of Conduct and action by ECI

Syllabus: General Studies-II - Indian Polity and Constitution - Elections, Representation of Peoples Act


There is trend of high enthusiasm and participation of voters in the first phase of General Elections 2019


EC has taken measures against malpractices and seizure of cash, liquor and other items meant to influence voters.

Ban the release of biopic on Prime Minister and stop the broadcast of political content on TV channels.

Doubts about integrity of EVMs have been addressed with 100% VVPAT.

Following Supreme Court direction, increased the VVPAT random counting rate from one machine to five per assembly segment.

Model Code Violations

Seemingly biased moves by central agencies like Income Tax authorities targeting only Opposition leaders is a possible misuse of office by the ruling party.

PMs appeal to voters in the name of soldiers was unfortunate as the EC failed to take prompt action.

Way forward

EC must respond to MCC violations and the government should act fairly.

Take home points

In order to conduct free and fair elections in world’s largest democracy, EC should reassure voters that the election process is not vitiated by partisanship.

Keywords: Election Commission Model Code ECI MCC

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Issue: The first image of black hole was seen

Syllabus: General Studies-III - Science and Technology - Space Technologies


Event Horizon telescope showed the very first image of a black hole.


Black Hole itself cannot be seen, because light cannot escape its intense gravitational force.

The ‘Last Photon Ring’ is a region outside black hole where photon (light quantum) can orbit.

The first image of black hole came about 100 years after Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Power of science

Virtual telescope the size of earth was produced using eight telescopes around the world.

Cutting edge computer science technologies were used to combine the data and image recognition.

Take home points

It is a collaborative effort of interdisciplinary expertise and good faith in the power of science and reason that imaged the first black hole.

Keywords: Black Hole Event Horizon

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