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Issue: Ban on civilian traffic on NH-44

Syllabus: General Studies-III - Internal Security - Terrorism, external state, non-state actors


Civilian traffic is banned for two days a week on the 271 km stretch of National Highway (NH-44) connecting Jammu and Kashmir.


  • On February 14, 2019, a tragic suicide attack on CRPF convoy on NH-44 killed 40 personnel.
  • The ban will last till May 31, to enable orderly conduct of the Lok Sabha elections in J&K and to prevent another Pulwama-type attack.

Is this draconian?

NH-44 is life-line in the state connecting Jammu and Kashmir.

It is vital for movement of goods, agricultural produce and many educational and medical institutions lie on its stretch and alternative route will multiply the time and distance.

Ban is against the freedom of movement and violates articles,  14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution.

Increases the distance between the people and administration in a state where security is major challenge.

Way forward

Require security drills in place to prevent terror strikes.

Increased security protocols to secure the lives of civilians and soldiers

Take-home points

Community support is important in counter-terrorism strategies and response to Pulwama-type attacks should not increase alienation of local people.

Keywords: Internal Security Terrorism

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Issue: Hope for peace in Palestine diminishes

Syllabus: General Studies-II - International Relations - Important events around the World


In April 9 parliamentary elections in Israel, right wing parties reigns supreme


Netanyahu ran a ultra-nationalist campaign to get right-wing support.

During polls, he said he would annex parts of West Bank to bring Jewish settlements under Israeli sovereignty.

Netanyahu was credited with stabilising Israeli economy, and major diplomatic achievements like US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

Israel-Palestine peace process

Netanyahu is showing no interest in the peace process

Israel today is entirely different from what the early socialist Zionists had imagined.

Israel is occupying Palestine both militarily and through Jewish settlements in West Bank

Israel is a de facto apartheid state and last year basic law describes Israel as nation state of Jewish people.

Take home points

There is little hope that Mr. Netanyahu will break the status quo and initiate the peace process to resolve Israel-Palestine conflict.

Keywords: International Relations Israel Palestine

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Issue: Knowing the source of political funding

Syllabus: General Studies-II - Governance - Important Aspects of Governance-Transparency, Accountability


Voters need not know the funding source of parties: Attorney General


Electoral Bonds scheme (EB) was introduced by government to eradicate black money in funding to political parties.

The EBs are anonymous in nature and source of the donor is not known.

Election Commission viewed that EBs legalised the anonymity of political donors and right to vote means right to make informed choice by knowing the party candidate and his source of funding.

Black money in Polls

Anonymity in political funding either through cash donations (earlier) or electoral bonds (current) is an evil in democracy because it allows elections to be fuelled by black money.

Without knowing the source, the exercise of EBs to fight black money would be futile and similar to P-Notes.

There is also scope that black money would be converted into white through shell companies.

Take home points

Transparency is hallmark in a democracy and ECI should be able to identify the donor and the political party concerned from the electoral bonds.

Keywords: Electoral Bonds Election Commission Transparency

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