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Title: Seeking the next frontier

Issue: ASAT missile

Syllabus: General Studies-III - Science and Technology - Space Technologies

Context: India recently tested Anti satellite Missile ASAT. 

Highlights : 

  1. There is no international treaty prohibiting the testing or the development of ASATs.
  2. It is a technological trademark for India as these manoeuvres need high precision. 
  3. As like other countries, India also developed ASAT as part of Ballistic missile defence shield. 
  4. USA, Russia included their kinetic kill interceptor techniques and developed co orbital anti satellite systems and directed energy laser systems. These can neutralise a satellite with out fragmenting it. So, there will be no space Debris. 
  5. Space debris form dead satellites is growing. Debris from anti satellite missiles is adding up to it. China’s anti satellite missile released close to 3000 pieces of debris. They are a threat to orbiting satellites. On the other side, India tested ASAT missile on a satellite in low earth orbit to keep the debris minimum. 
  6. The U.S., Russia and China — have set up ‘Space Commands’. This has given rise to demands to prevent the militarisation of space. 
  7. The 1967 outer space treaty and moon treaty of 1979 laid foundations for legal regime for space. 
  8. Rule of law, refraining from appropriating territory, non placement of any weapons of mass destruction in space, prohibition of military activities on the moon and other celestial bodies are the various provisions of this. 
  9. USA is not interested to negotiate any legally binding space treaty for prevention of militarisation of space. It wants to maintain its hegemony. 
  10. UN also called for political commitment by all countries that they shall not be the first to place weapons in space. No action moved forward. 

Evidence : nil 

Take home points 

India’s ASAT test has not violated any norm, but it is a reminder of the need for a global regulatory regime

Keywords: ASAT weapons outer space treaty - 1967 moon treaty 1979

# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
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9 Trace the progress of India's Space Research Programmes? What are its significant achievements? (150 words) 1991

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Title: Kartarpur focus

Issue: kartarpur corridor

Syllabus: General Studies-II - International Relations - India and its neighborhood

Kartapur focus 

Context : Negotiations did not move forward between India and Pakistan as scheduled due to minor irritants. 


  1. Kartarpur corridor spreads from der baba Nanak in Punjab to Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara in Pakistan’s Punjab. 
  2. There are many issues between the countries to take the project to a logical conclusion. India do not want to have any cap on number of pilgrims and it has serious reservations on having anti India elements in gurudwara committee. 
  3. Pakistan wants to see kartarpur as part of whole gamut of bilateral relations. India clearly stated that corridor will have no connection with furthering bilateral talks on other issues.

Take Home points : Security concerns are high-priority, but blocking work on the corridor is not right. 

Keywords: Kartarpur corridor Dera baba nanak gurudwara Kartarpur sahib gurudwara

# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
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14 How have the US sanctions against Iran affected India’s bilateral relations with Iran? 20 2012
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26 Has the IPKF been able to achieve the goal set before it by the terms of the Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement? What are the options available to India (About 150 words)? (20) 1987
27 Why did USSR send troops to Afganistan? What are the broad issues involved? What has been India's response to the Afgan situation (Not more than 150 words)? 25 1980

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Title: The arrogance of the ignorant

Issue: Forest Rights Act - SC Judgement

Syllabus: General Studies-II - Social Justice and Development - Vulnerable Sections of population


Supreme Court recently adjudged that people whose claims are rejected under forest rights act 2006, need to be evicted by the state governments. Author argues it as ignorance of ground realties. 


  1. Forest rights act provides for recognition of rights. There is no provision for eviction of people whose claims are rejected. 
  2. There is no clarity on individual claims and community claims among the claims that are rejected. Many of those, whose clams rejected are Other forest dwellers. 
  3. Proposed amendments to Indian forest act, 1927 further strengthens the stranglehold of forest officials. 



Take home points

It is tragic that ‘New India’ chooses to attack Adivasis and forest-dwellers instead of those destroying its ecology 

Keywords: Forest Rights Act FRA

# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
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5 The Central Government frequently complains on the poor performance of the State Governments in eradicating suffering of the vulnerable sections of the society. Restructuring of Centrally sponsored schemes across the sectors for ameliorating the cause of vulnerable sections of population aims at providing flexibility to the States in better implementation. Critically evaluate. (200 words) 10 marks 10 2013
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7 Bring out the salient features of the PCPNDT Act 1994, and the implications of its amendment in 2003. (250 words) 15 marks. 20 2011
8 What are your views on the features and impact of the POCSO Act 2012? (150 words) 10 marks. 20 2009
9 Discuss the steps to get rid of child labour in India. (250 words) 2007
10 Integrated Child Services (lCDS) Development. (125 words) 2007
11 What are the problems related to the rehabilitation of the mentally challenged persons in India? (125 words) 2006
12 Discuss the steps taken by Government to check child labour and promote child welfare. (250 words) 2003
13 Write briefly about the Programmes for ‘Welfare of the Disabled’. (150 words) 2002
14 Discuss the propositions laid down by the Supreme Court of India in the context of Torture in Prisons and Human Dignity. (250 words) 2000
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16 Give your assessment on land reforms in India (About 250 words) 1997
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19 What are the major recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee's Draft National Population Policy, relating to gender issues? (150 Words) 1994
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22 What are the main causes of anti-reservation stir in India ? what are the provisions in our constitution regarding reservation ? Do you consider the policy on reservation is bad ? 1985
23 Analyse the situation in the Northeastern States what steps are being taken and could be taken to restore it to normally having regard to the strategic these States, the intersts and aspirations of the different communities and classes of people living there and the paramount importance of national integration (About 500 words). 65 1982
24 Why has there been reservation of seats for Scheduled Caste and Tribes in the legislatures and in public services? How the purpose been achieved? Indicate recent developments. 1981
25 Situation of law and order has become unstable increasingly in many parts of India. What are the main reasons for the deterioration in law and order position? How are the State Governments trying to control crimes’ What further steps would you suggest with a view to provide a greater sense of security in the minds of the people specially those, who belong to the vulnerable sections of the society and live in remote areas (Not more than 150 words). 25 1980

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