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Title: A bridge to nowhere

Issue: Direct benefits transfer

Syllabus: General Studies-II - Governance - Important Aspects of Governance - e-Governance

Context : Aadhar payment bridge intended to transfer welfare payments to common people is failing repeatedly. 

Highlights : 

  1. Any e governance project need to have reliability, redressal and above all security. If it fails on these fronts confidence of the people will be lost and it becomes non functional. Reasons for the failure of most of the e governance tools is lack of understanding of ground realities.
  2. Aadhar payments Bridge system was developed by National payments corporation of India. The plan is to link bank account with Aadhar number (seeding ) and to map it with National payments corporation fo India gate way. It will automatically send the money to the account it was mapped with. 
  3. Here the challenges are
  1. Many of the Jan dhan accounts that are hastily opened and are in disuse are non functional. 
  2. Informed consent from the people is a fiction. In many cases, accounts are mass mapped with out verification. Just a signature/thump imprint on the photocopy of Aadhar of account holder was suffice. 
  3. There was no accountability. Neither bank managers, nor the people know how to resolve the issue. 
  4. Another issue is of diverted payments to other accounts or wallets with out consent or information to the original beneficiaries. 

 Evidence : ISB study : 38% (on higher side) of MGNREGA workers are having difficulties in withdrawing money from their accounts. 

Take Home points : Any E governance initiative need to be rooted in ground realities. 


# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
1 E-governance in not only about utilization of the power of new technology, but also much about critical importance of the ‘use value’ of information. Explain. (10) 2018
2 Electronic cash transfer system for the welfare schemes is an ambitious project to minimize corruption, eliminate wastage and facilitate reforms Comment. (200 words) 10 marks 2013
3 “e-governance has the potentiality to emerge as the most effective instrument of efficiency, transparency and accountability.” Comment. (250 words) 15 marks 20 2008
4 Discuss the utility of e-governance in the Indian context. (125 words) 2004

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Title: An own goal for Britain?

Issue: Brexit

Syllabus: General Studies-II - International Relations - India and major powers

Context : parliament took control over Brexit process. Dead line to announce Uk’s decision - April 12 fast approaching . 

Highlights : Issues to be addressed in this article are 

  1. Parliamentary processes vs Referendum 
  2. Executive decisions vs legislative control 
  3. Collective unity of executive in parliamentary system 
  4. fixed term for parliament - is it advisable? 

1. Originally, Brexit was opted in referendum as an emotional choice against growing refugee crisis in Europe. Long term consequences of Exit on trade, economic growth, services was not thought about. Today, it invisible that London status as a gateway to Europe, financial nerve centre is expected to be affected. Added to this, 40% of Uk’s trade is intertwined with EU. 

so, referendum bypassed parliamentary process without any clarity on outcomes. 

2. There was no unity between Britain, Ireland and Scotland on exit process. 

3. There was no consultative exercise before triggering Art 50 of EU. 

4. Against Referendum, most of the parliamentarians voted to remain to safeguard Britains future. 

5. Fault lines are also visible among ruling coalition. Many of the cabinet ministers are against to their own Prime Minister. 

6. Inspite of this, the government is till secure because of fixed term parliaments act, 2011. 

Evidence : Nil

Take Home points : Brexit is ill planned and directionless for UK.


# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
1 In what ways would the ongoing US-Iran Nuclear Pact Controversy affect the national interest of India? How should India respond to its situation? (15) 2018
2 “The broader aims and objectives of WTO are to manage and promote international trade in the era of globalization. But the Doha round of negotiations seem doomed due to differences between the developed and the developing countries.” Discuss in the Indian perspective. 2016
3 Though 100 percent FDI is already allowed in non-news media like a trade publication and general entertainment channel, the Government is mulling over the proposal for increased FDI in news media for quite some time. What difference would an increase in FDI make? Critically evaluate the pros and cons. (200 words) 10 marks 2014
4 Discuss the role of 'intelligence' in the making of foreign policy. (150 words) 2004
5 Discuss the implications of Israel's expansion plan. How have the major western powers reacted to it (About 250 words)? 1998
6 What strategic moves have recently been made by the USA and China in the South Pacific region? Is the USA withdrawing from this region? 250 words 1995
7 What has been India's stand in respect of the proposed sale of a nuclear reactor to Iran? (150 Words) 1991
8 Briefly indicate why and what types of problems were faced by the United Germany consequent on its unification. (150 Words) 1991
9 What were the basic differences between Iraq and Kuwait which led to the recent crisis in the gulf? What were the reactions of various countries to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait? What are the likely repercussions on India (35)? (250 Words) 1990

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Title: Barring arms

Issue: Terrorism - attacks in New Zealand

Syllabus: General Studies-III - Internal Security - Terrorism, external state, non-state actors

Context : New Zealand banned military style semi automatic guns and assault rifles following attack on mosque by a white supremacist. 

Highlights :

  1. In New Zealand there is no constitutional right to bear arms. But they are permitted for farmers to protect themselves form wild animals. Recent attack on a Mosque is a clear misuse of this. 
  2. Australia banned similar weapons few years back and it made the attacker to close New Zealand. 
  3. USA, also have a lesson to learn from Australia and New Zealnd on gun culture and shall ban them. 

Evidence : Nil

Take Home points : Regulation of Private guns is essential to limit gun related mass assaults in a country. New Zealand decision to man semi automatic guns is a positive step in this direction. 


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Title: Maximum gambit

Issue: NYAY - Basic income for poor

Syllabus: General Studies-III - Indian Economy - Economic Development - Growth, Development, Poverty, Employment and Unemployment

Context : Congress announced a flat transfer of rs 6000 for identified poor households usder minimum income guarantee scheme - NYAY ( Nyuntam Aay Yojana) 

Highlights :

  1. It can be a poverty alleviation measure. But, it can have many challenges. 
  1. fiscal challenge : A budget of 3.6 lakh crore rupees is essential to implement it to 20% of the population. 
  2. Delivery challenges: As it is a targeted program identifying poor is a major Challenge. Inclusion and Exclusion errors need to be eliminated. Socio economic caste census of India have reliability challenges. 

On the other side 

  1. scheme can spur demand in rural economy 
  2. Limited cash transfers implemented by Telangana and Odisha are able to ameliorate agrarian crisis to an extent. So, cash transfers to poor can have better outcomes on human development. 

Evidence :Nil

Take Home points : NYAY if well planned and implemented, it can be of its kind in the world. 


# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
1 “Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy is the sine qua non to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.Comment on the progress made in India in this regard. (150 Words, 10 Marks) 10 2018
2 How would the recent phenomena of protectionism and currency manipulations in world trade affect macroeconomic stability of India? (250 Words, 15 Marks) 15 2018
3 Among several factors for India’s potential growth, savings rate is the most effective one. Do you agree? What are the other factors available for growth potential? (Answer in 150 words) 10 2017
4 One of the intended objectives of Union Budget 2017-18 is to ‘transform, energize and clean India’. Analyse the measures proposed in the Budget 2017-18 to achieve the objective. 15 2017
5 What are the salient features of ‘inclusive growth’? Has India been experiencing such a growth process? Analyze and suggest measures for inclusive growth. 15 2017
6 Among several factors for India’s potential growth, savings rate is the most effective one. Do you agree? What are the other factors available for growth potential? 13 2016
7 What are the salient features of ‘inclusive growth’? Has India been experiencing such a growth process? Analyze and suggest measures for inclusive growth. 13 2016
8 The nature of economic growth in India in described as jobless growth. Do you agree with this view? Give arguments in favour of your answer. (200 words) 13 2015
9 Craze for gold in Indians have led to a surge in import of gold in recent years and put pressure on balance of payments and external value of rupee. In view of this, examine the merits of Gold Monetization Scheme. (200 words) 13 2015
10 “While we flaunt India’s demographic dividend, we ignore the dropping rates of employability.” What are we missing while doing so? Where will the jobs that India desperately needs come from? Explain. (200 words) 13 2014
11 Capitalism has guided the world economy to unprecedented prosperity. However, it often encourages short-sightedness and contributes to wide disparities between the rich and the poor. In this light, would it be correct to believe and adopt capitalism for bringing inclusive growth in India? Discuss. (200 words) 13 2014
12 With a consideration towards the strategy of inclusive growth, the new Companies Bill, 2013 has indirectly made CSR a mandatory obligation. Discuss the challenges expected in its implementation in right earnest. Also discuss other provisions in the Bill and their implications. (200 words) 10 marks 10 2013
13 Keeping in view the informal sector’s share in the total workforce in the country, critically examine the relevant inclusive measures initiated by the Government of India and their effectiveness. (250 words) 15 marks 30 2012
14 Critically review the international concern in achieving the targets set for the Millennium Development Goals. 30 2012
15 Why is international trade perceived to have failed to act as an “engine of growth” in many developing countries including India? 30 2012
16 Assess the significance of coastal regions in the economic development of India. (150 words) 15 marks. 30 2009
17 Examine the status of urbanization among the states in India and bring out spatial inequalities. (150 words) 15 marks. 30 2009
18 Describe the main sources of Industrial finance in India. How could India be benefitted from recent developments in International finance? (250 words) 2006
19 How has the Indian State tackled the trade-off between environment and development? (150 words) 2005
20 What is PURA? Discuss the major objectives. (150 words) 2004
21 What is the incidence of poverty in India? How should poverty alleviation programmes to constructed (250 words) 2001
22 Control over growth of population in India is an essential condition for the country's rapid economic development. Discuss. (250 words) 2000
23 Name the mega cities of India and mention their specific problems. (150 words) 30 1999
24 What are the geo-economic causes of underdevelopment of various regions in India? (150 words) 1998
25 How is absolute poverty line measured? What are the important measures taken by the Government to eradicate rural poverty in India (About 250 words)? 1998
26 Infrastructure bottlenecks continue to stifle the economic growth in India. Comment. (150 words) 1998
27 Comment on the view that Monetary Policy in India is used more as a stabilisation device rather than as a development tool. (150 words) 1998
28 What has been the role of NRIs in the economic development of India in the recent past? (150 words) 1998
29 What are the geo-economic causes of underdevelopment of various regions in India? (150 words) 1998
30 Describe the changes that have taken place in the direction of international trade of India since independence. (150 words) 1998
31 What measures has the Government of India taken for the development of Tribal areas in India? (150 words) 1997
32 Discuss the steps taken by the government in recent years to control inflation. (150 words) 1997
33 What measures has the government taken to make women economically independent and self-reliant during the last decade? (150 words) 1997
34 What measures has the Government of India taken for the development of Tribal areas in India? (150 words) 1997
35 Briefly comment on the purpose and type of changes made in our tax structure in the context of liberalisation and structural reforms during the first half of the 1990s. (150 words) 1996
36 How is poverty-line defined in India? Briefly enumerate the measures undertaken by the Government in recent years to alleviate poverty (150 words) 1996
37 What have been the recent recommendations of the World Bank on India's Family Welfare programme? How do these recommendations compare with those which emerged from the Cairo Conference on Population and Development in 1994? (About 250 words) 1995
38 Do you agree with the view that, in a country like India, a tax on wealth would be a useful supplement to the income tax? Argue the case in the light of Raja Chelliah Tax Reform Committee Report (About 250 words) 1995
39 Does reduction in fiscal deficit necessarily assure reduction in inflation? (150 words) 1995
40 Do you think that income tax reduces economic incentives? Give your reasons. (150 words) 1995
41 It is being suggested that the commercial banks in India should reduce their holdings of nonperforming assets. Does it mean that the former should abandon social priorities (About 250 words)? 1994
42 What was the rationale of the Mahalanobis Strategy of economic growth? (150 words) 1994
43 Indicate briefly the tax reforms that have been introduced in India after the coming in of the New Economic Policy (150 words) 1994
44 What is exclusive economic zone of a country. Discuss its relevance to India. (150 words) 1994
45 . It is claimed that the price situation in India improved considerably in 1992 − 93 with a gradual decline in the annual rate of inflation in the course of the year. What are the factors that moderated the inflationary pressures? (150 words) 1993
46 In a developing country like ours what according to you, should be the basis of taxationincome or consumption? Spell out your arguments clearly. (150 words) 1993
47 Explain the term Integrated Rural Development Bringing out its strategic importance. (150 words) 1992
48 Analyze the main defects of Indian Trade Union Movement. (150 words) 1991
49 Bring out the main features of India's Trade Policy (150 words) 1991
50 What, according to you, are the remedies to the problem of rural indebtedness in India? (150 words) 1991
51 What usually is meant by the expression an underdeveloped economy? What, according to you, are the basic causes of underdevelopment in India (About 250 words)? 1991
52 Discuss the measures taken in the Five-Year Plans to mitigate rural poverty (About 250 words). (40) 1991
53 What is the economic rationale behind the establishment of growth centers? Explain briefly the criteria for selecting three growth centers. (150 words) 1990
54 State and explain briefly the economic implications of the Right to Work. (150 words) 1990
55 Discuss the factors that have led to the recent increase in the general price level and the measures taken by the Government to Combat it. (150 words) 1990
56 What measures have been taken under the Five Year Plans increase employment opportunities in rural areas? (150 words) 1990
57 Despite having high saving and investment rates. India is experiencing a low growth rate. Why is it so? (150 words) 1989
58 What is the economic rationale for undertaking the Backward Area Development Programme? Discuss the specific measures taken by the Government in this direction. (150 words) 1989
59 What is meant by a high cost economy? Has India developed into a high cost economy and if so, how? (150 words) 1989
60 What are the salient features of the hill economy of Northern India, and how do these account for its relative backwardness? (150 words) 1989
61 Discuss the problem of rural unemployment in India. What specific schemes have been launched by the Government to generate employment opportunities in rural areas (About 250 words)? 1987
62 In course of planned economic development India’s actual growth has mostly been lower than the projected growth. How would you explain this shortfall? 1986
63 What are the principle components of economic infrastructure? Inadequacy of infrastructure as well as the poor utilization have been the principle bottleneck in economic development. comment 1984
64 Inflation has been one of the major and persistent cause of poverty and inequality in India’ Analyse. 1983
65 In their emphasis policy planners on the primacy of the rate of economic growth, some attention has been paid to structural and ideological objective of planning in India. critically examine the satement. (About in 150 words ) 1982
66 Describe the various types of unemployment in India What are the measures devised in the Sixth Plan to deal with the unemployment? 1982
67 The phenomenon of rising prices has been largely responsible for Indian economy and planning cut of welfare; it also causes hardship to the people. What are the basic reasons for continuous inflation in India and what has been the government strategy to control it? What specific measure have been taken by the Government of India for controlling inflation (Not more than 200 words)? 30 1981
68 Unemployment in India is of many types and therefore a complex issue. describe the nature if the problem and the measures adopted to deal with it particularly in rural areas (about 150 words) 1981

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Title: ‘The Congress has always been for cow protection and shelters’

Issue: interview - kamalnath - CM of MP

Syllabus: General Studies-I - Society - Indian Society- Diversity

Interview with Kamalnath

Context : Chief minister of MP, kamalnath expressed his opinion on various issues. 

Highlights :

  1. Saffronisation of institutions need to be reversed.
  2. Deployment of National security act on cow slaughter need to be avoided. 
  3. Using Government institutions for ideological propaganda of a party shall be discouraged. 
  4. Disenfranchisement of Minorities is not good for Democracy. 

Evidence : Nil

Take Home points : Governance need to be kept away from partisan political aspirations. 


# Previous UPSC Question Marks Year
1 Describe any four cultural elements of diversity in India and rate their relative significance in building a national identity. (200 words) 15 marks 13 2015
2 Discuss the problems in achieving National Integration of India. (150 words) 15 marks. 2008
3 What do you consider are the problems of National Integration in India? Suggest suitable remedies (About 250 words). 1988
4 Keeping in view the political development in India explain how the need for the national integration and the demand for the regional autonomy can be reconciled 1985

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