Title: Leaders and growth

Issue: Political system

Syllabus: General Studies-II - Indian Polity and Constitution - Executive, Pressure Groups

Context: Political systems across the world tend to elect strong leaders. Example: Trump in USA, Erdogan in Turkey, Janos Ader in Hungary, Jair Bolsanaro


  1. Some of the reasons why strong leaders are preferred are: they can take decisive actions in economic, defence sector etc
  2. Some of the studies on this subject has thrown up following observations:
  • The methods through which leadership impacts growth was through monetary and fiscal policy, not private investment
  • It has been found out that resilient leaders facing a lower probability of being replaced are less likely to reform institutions in the direction of constraining executive power.
  • It has been found out that more educated leaders ensure higher periods of growth compared to less educated leaders.
  • Leaders facing a lower probability of being replaced are less likely to reform institutions in the direction of constraining executive power.

Takeaway point: Political systems across the world continue to be tipped towards the ‘strong leaders’, more research needs to be done in this regard to understand it better and whether if it is a good development or not.


Keywords: Political system strong leaders

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