Title: Jokowi’s balancing act

Issue: Indonesia Presidential elections

Syllabus: General Studies-II - International Relations - Important events around the World

Context: Joko Widodo secured another term as President of Indonesia in recently concluded elections


1)      Democracy is Asia at times has been equated with leaders from- dynastic heirs, military strongmen, corporate tycoons and religious hardliners. However, the victory of Widoda in 2014 was a welcome step. Since, Widodo is from middle-class and humble, with a pluralistic outlook and commitment to clean government

2)      However, the recent victory of Widodo has given rise to few concerns. Some of them are:

  • The role religion played in political discourse, in world’s third largest democracy. Both the candidates sought to create artificial image of a pious religious leader.
  • No concrete policy has been made on fighting religious extremism

3)      Challenges that lie ahead:

  • To increase foreign investment amid a climate of economic nationalism
  • Issue of restrictive labour laws.
  • Indonesia’s response to China’s growing economic clout in the region
  • Protecting minority rights would be the biggest challenge though

Takeaway point: The challenge remains quite daunting for Joko Widodo in his second term. One of the primary challenges would be to protect the rights of minority in Indonesia

Keywords: 'Indonesia' 'Joko Widodo' 'Minorities 'Elections '

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